Friendly Music

Create the perfect soundtrack for your online videos: $1.99 per song / per video

Friendly Music was launched in partnership with YouTube™ to bring easy to use, awesome soundtracks to the YouTube community for an
affordable price

Copyright cleared music for your Vimeo videos, only $1.99.

Facebook videos without music are over! Spice up your next video post with a sweet soundtrack.

Render the competition silent with an inspiring soundtrack in your next business presentation.

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Rumblefish API

Easily add licensed soundtracks to user-generated content inside of your favorite application or website

Journey Gym is the world's first truly portable universal gym. Combine that with their online training videos and music powered by Rumblefish and you'll get fit in no time.

Social moviemaking app takes away the hassle of video editing AND lets you dial in the perfect soundtrack for the scene via the Rumblefish API.

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Music Licensing Store

Placing music in films, TV shows, ads and video games for over a decade

When Vincent Chase needs more mojo, the Music Licensing Store delivers music from over 30 countries.

Donald Draper can cheat on anyone, but not the Music Licensing Store. And why should he with immediate, custom music searches?

The boys at TGR always go big. That’s why they need access to the world’s largest pre-cleared music catalog, Rumblefish Music.

VA Fitness is revolutionizing the personal fitness industry with their incredible HD running and spinning videos that “sync” with your workout equipment for an amazing experience.

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Rumblefish music

The World's Largest Catalog for Social Media

The Rumblefish catalog has over 1,000,000+ songs from artists and labels in more than 30 countries and is the true foundation around here. Rumblefish artists have been paid millions in royalties because clients love to tell their stories with this amazing music.

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