Meet Rumblefish: A Brief Introduction to Our Services

Do you have a vision for a new online music-related product, but not sure about the legal issues and royalties? We help music distributors get the right licenses so that they can execute their business plans while avoiding paperwork. With decades of relationships, technical expertise and tireless dedication, we’re here to support music distribution innovation.

Do you own great content and are seeking ways to license it and generate royalties? Are you a music publisher interested in making licensing easier for your team and those who use your music?  Want help administering your catalog? Using technology to its fullest, Rumblefish also helps labels, publishers, artists, and recording rights holders make the most of their musical content.

When SESAC, the renowned performing rights organization, acquired the Harry Fox Agency, the leading U.S. mechanical rights organization, and Rumblefish, the micro-licensing, rights verification, and usergenerated content management pioneer, a revolutionary new Music Rights Organization was born. Here’s a quick overview of what we do and what this means for your business. Whether you need licensing, royalty or data support, we’ve got you covered.

Music Distributors

We support all types of music distributors including digital service providers, streaming companies, labels, gamers, AV/VR, video, mobile apps, jukebox companies, background music, lyrics, tablature, karaoke, and more.

What we doWhat this means for youWhat we call it
We help you get a bird’s-eye view of the music licensing landscape.As you develop your business model, we consult to give you the best-informed market overview, music licensing picture, clearance strategies and technical advice, so you can hone your plans. Consulting
We connect you with the publishers that control songs you want to use and get them on board.You have a great idea for a new digital service, app, or platform. We have the industry knowledge, connections, and technology capabilities to reach out to thousands of publishers to put your licensing offer directly in their hands. We collect the sign offs, too.Publisher Outreach, Solicitation
We take care of direct licensing arrangements.If you want a direct agreement with a publisher or label, we can help you administer all the ins and outs of your direct licensing arrangement, from tracking what you’ve licensed, calculating your advance recoupment and royalties, and distributing the royalty payments and associated statements to the respective rightsholders. Direct Agreement Administration
We have a catalog of cool licensed music, ready to roll.Looking for a fun indie rock song? A mellow ambient track? A funky beat? We’ve got them, thousands of them, all licensed and ready to go. Pick a track--or a couple dozen--for your app or service, and we’ll do the rest.Pre-cleared Catalog (Friendly Music, eSynch®)
We have the right-sized license for your usage.Are you a school, a band, or an artist making a cover song and need a mechanical license for a limited quantity of streams, downloads, ringtones or CDs? We’ve got a self-serve licensing platform open 24/7 so you can get the rights quickly without hassle. Songfile®
We’ll give you the RADKey to unlock your license online.Want to post a video with a Rumblefish-affiliated track on a video platform? No problem. Our patent-pending license tracking, RADKey, lets you post away while letting the platform know automatically that you’ve got a license. No takedown squabbles involved.RADKey License Tracking
We get the data straight.Music metadata does not come in a standard format. Publishers and labels may send you data in all different formats. We can make sure your data is clean and usable, so you don’t have to.Data Mapping
We connect the dots between compositions and sound recordings.It’s not always clear who owns what, and which song is which. We help you line up recordings with their related compositions, so you can get it right. Data Matching
We figure out who owns it.Finding the proper publisher for individual tracks or compositions, not to mention whole catalogs, can be a real hassle. We use our extensive contacts and decades of experience to do the legwork for you, so you know you have the current copyright ownership information.Copyright Research
We tally up royalties and pay them to the right parties.Royalty calculations can get complicated. We’ll do them for you, issue statements, and get the money into the right hands, hassle-free. We’ll keep track of your advances, tooRoyalty Calculation, Distribution, and Statement Generation
We act as your back office.Make Rumblefish your virtual back office. We can administer agreements, keep tabs on advance recoupment, issue account statements, and track and pay royalties. We do it all.Outsourced Back Office Solutions
We handle the communication for you.Responding to inquiries from rightsholders can be time consuming. We can help manage all the back-and-forth involved in establishing agreements and an ongoing relationship.Inquiry Management


Music Publishers

What we doWhat this means for youWhat we call it
We manage your catalog.Submit your song and writer information to us and we manage any additions, updates or third-party ownership claims. We also provide you with self-service tools, like our claiming tool, so you can manage your catalog real-time.Catalog Management
We connect the dots between compositions and sound recordings.We help you identify recordings of your related compositions, so you know who recorded your song. Having that link between your compositions and recordings also helps with licensing and getting royalties to you. Data Matching
We issue licenses.If you’re looking to license a composition that belongs to one of our affiliated publishers, you’re in luck. In many cases, we can issue that license, called a mechanical, on their behalf. License Issuance
We take care of the red tape.Certain uses can be handled via a compulsory license. We help you serve the correct Notice of Intent on publishers or the Copyright Office.Filing of Compulsory Notices
We administer multi-rights licensing. Thanks to the establishment of SESAC as an MRO, we can now collect royalties for you on both the performance and mechanical side, for all your online music and video licensing needs. Not only does this make accounting easier, it makes the whole process more efficient.Domestic Multi-Rights Licensing: Performance and Mechanical
We do it internationally, too! HFA is expanding internationally, and that means we can offer you the same efficient approach to your licensing and royalties outside of the U.S.Mint Digital Licensing
We can help get your music licensed.By offering your content through our micro-licensing platforms such as Friendly Music and eSynch®, we make your music available to apps and other platforms and services. Through our commission-free Songfile® platform, we market to artists making cover songs, educational societies and more.Micro-Licensing
We take care of your direct licensing arrangements.If you want to develop a direct agreement with a label or licensee, we can help you administer all the ins and outs of your direct licensing arrangement, from tracking what you’ve licensed, verifying you’ve been paid correctly, and auditing that licensee.Direct Agreement Administration
We bring new revenue opportunities to your door.We act as part of your business team, offering you licensing opportunities on an elective basis including those relating to lyrics, background music, and tablature.Additional Licensing Opportunities
We provide you and your licensees with self-service licensing tools.We provide licensing tools to record labels, digital music services and other licensees that help them license your catalog. You can also manage your licensing activities through our platform.Licensing Tools and Reports
We manage all royalty activities.We track and collect your royalties from your licensees, distribute royalties to you and generate supporting detail.Royalty Services
We examine your licensee’s books. We provide royalty compliance services to make sure you are being paid correctly.Royalty Compliance
We handle your communication.Dealing with a bevy of licensees can be time consuming. We have an experienced inquiry management team that provides support to you and your licensees regarding any catalog, licensing or royalty questions.Outreach and Inquiry Management
We maximize your royalty income.We help you find and claim your content on user-generated content sites (like YouTube), as well as on other networks and apps. Royalty Optimization


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