HFA’s Rumblefish Delivers Music Administration Services for New Entertainment Platform WEYV

New York, NY (Jan. 22, 2018) – HFA’s Rumblefish, the nation’s leading provider of music industry rights administration services, has been engaged by WEYV, an Altair Engineering (Nasdaq: ALTR) company to provide music licensing and royalty support for its new digital content platform named WEYV. WEYV is an ad-free entertainment app that allow users to listen to music, read magazines, and (soon) watch visual content all in one app experience. In addition to offering music from all the major record labels and magazines from Time Inc., WEYV will expand its offerings to include additional digital content such as podcasts and videos.

Rumblefish’s preeminent music rights and data management platform is designed to simplify licensing and streamline administration. Rumblefish will provide license support, data management, royalty calculation, and publisher payment services for WEYV’s music offering. These services will help to power WEYV with a robust catalog of music and to focus on the growth and expansion of the WEYV platform.

“HFA’s Rumblefish is proud to support the launch of the WEYV digital content platform,” said Michael Simon, President and CEO of The Harry Fox Agency. “With our copyright expertise and extensive publisher relationships, Rumblefish is the most trusted and reliable provider of administration services. And we’re thrilled to support WEYV who recognizes the importance of compensation for music publishers and songwriters.”

“This is an exciting time for WEYV, and we are pleased to have Rumblefish as a trusted partner to expedite administration services,” said Stephanie Scapa, Chief Executive Officer, WEYV. “HFA’s top-notch relationships make it an essential resource for licensing and royalty support as WEYV is committed to fairly compensating our music content providers, including songwriters, artists and publishers.”

In addition, WEYV will donate 0.5% of its revenue to charitable causes. The more you listen to an artist, the more WEYV will donate to the charity selected by or on behalf of that artist.

About WEYV:
WEYV is a platform that offers a full catalog of digital content to U.S.-based consumers and is available via iOS and Android devices and via a web player. WEYV enables users to listen to music (on-demand and stations), read magazines and eventually watch visual content like TV shows and movies. For more information, visit www.WEYV.com and follow WEYV on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

About Rumblefish:
Rumblefish, the rights administration division of The Harry Fox Agency (HFA), simplifies business for digital services, publishers, labels, artists and apps. The company’s transparent composition and recording administration, data and royalty management, licensing and network monetization allow clients to focus on their core business. HFA issues the largest number of licenses for physical and digital formats of music in the U.S. and handles royalty payments to music publishers for over 100,000 catalogs. HFA is a subsidiary of SESAC Holdings. Rights. Simplified. Royalties. Amplified.