We believe that moving pictures are better with the perfect song. With over 7 million online social videos being created everyday, the process of adding music to those videos needs to be easy and legal, so we made it that way. We created an entirely new industry, music micro-licensing.

We’ve built an extensive network of the top video sites, communities and applications and put music legally into over 50,000 videos every day. The result: people make millions of videos with awesome soundtracks, and artists get paid.

Here’s how it works:

– Musicians, Labels, Publishers, and Aggregators sign up for the Rumblefish catalog

– Apps and video sites come to Rumblefish to access our massive catalog of ready-to-go music

– Content creators use those apps and video editors to directly access Rumblefish music

– Our search tools make the music as easy to find as picking out a greeting card

– A license fee is paid by the app or user and some apps include it the app subscription, artists get paid

– Content creators posts their video on YouTube themselves or via the above app or video editing program

– This simple, frictionless process encourages more videos to be made with music, resulting in better quality videos and more royalties for artists


Take leading video sharing app SocialCam for example: they seamlessly integrated with our API, allowing their users to easily add copyright-cleared music to their videos. Prior to Rumblefish API integration, SocialCam users only added music to 5% of videos. With Rumblefish integration, videos with music grew to 35%! SocialCam users get quality, ready-to-go tracks and artists get paid.