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More videos using your music equals higher royalties. Only one company grows your inventory, gets you more views, ensures your data is optimized, and finds all the videos YouTube missed so you can make more money from your music.
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These industry stalwarts partnered with us, you can too.

APM Music

APM Music

APM Music is a joint venture of EMI Music Publishing and Universal Music Publishing, the world’s largest production music library.

Under our partnership we manage APM’s vast and diverse library for Content ID.

CD Baby

CD Baby

CD Baby is the largest independent music distributor in the world.

Our partnership allows indie artists to license music for use in YouTube and Internet videos, slideshows, games, presentations and social media programs as part of our music micro-licensing platform.



Alpha Pup is an independent, tastemaker record label and digital distributor based in Los Angeles, California.

LA Weekly describes the label as “a big part of the reason why Los Angeles is one of the most vital cities in the world for electronic music right now.”


Your Music Micro-licensing Solution

We’ve generated millions of dollars for artists, publishers, labels and libraries with our exclusive micro-licensing network. Learn More About Music Micro-Licensing

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Metadata Enrichment

The more descriptive information a song has attached to it, the faster it will be discovered and licensed and generate more revenue. With state-of-the-art audio analysis and descriptive data processing, every piece of Rumblefish music is optimized for discovery.

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We want your song to be as easy to find as picking a greeting card. Focusing on occasions, characters and current events, our in-house editorial team makes sure your music is in the right place place at the right time. See For Yourself

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