Welcome to the Music Modernization Act

Today the Hatch-Goodlatte Music Modernization Act (also known as the MMA) was signed into law.  The MMA modernizes several aspects of existing music copyright laws, including significant changes with regard to mechanical licensing for online uses.  We applaud everyone’s hard work and tireless efforts on this legislation.  HFA is proud to continue its support of the music community while today’s legislation is implemented over the next two years.   

HFA’s services will continue uninterrupted until the creation of the mechanical licensing collective (MLC), two years from now.  HFA will still ingest your catalog data, manage updates and conflicts, match your compositions to sound recordings, issue licenses (for our affiliated publishers) and collect and distribute royalties. 

In preparation for the enactment of the bill, we have been working with digital service providers to implement the requirements of the MMA. Going forward, HFA’s royalty reprocessing efforts will occur on a monthly basis. Registering your songs with HFA allows us to identify sound recordings and distribute your accrued royalties—starting from your very first stream. 

Again, it is important to register all of your songs as soon as possible, and provide HFA with as much recording information as you can so that you’ll receive payments for every digital use we can match. 

We look forward to continued collaboration with you and the publishing community, as well as leveraging our database, technology, and staff to deliver value and support.


Thank you,

Michael Simon, President, HFA