“Gone are the days of trying to restrict content usage. Instead, artists are encouraged to unleash the power of user-generated content and get their fans creating and uploading video with their music. The more videos using their songs, the bigger the payday.”

– Kevin Breuner, Director of Marketing at CD Baby

YouTube Monetization

The more an artist’s music is used on YouTube, the more revenue they can generate. Copyright owners (or their appointed administrators) can register video or music files with YouTube’s Content ID platform by delivering reference material (videos and music files) into the system. Business rules are associated with the reference material, telling YouTube what policies should be applied to the videos (track, block, or monetize). Whenever music registered with the Content ID system appears on YouTube (whether it’s an artists own video or someone else’s video using their music), it is identified, and the appropriate business rule is applied. Rumblefish sets the content it represents to monetize, so that when it is detected, ads populate around the content, and royalties are generated for the copyright owner.

Because of our longstanding relationship with YouTube, we’re able to control rights & usage and seamlessly remove or monetize unlicensed use of content. We make it easy to collect Content ID royalties for artists, and we provide detailed analytics & business intelligence on backend revenue.

What we do:

YouTube’s Content ID: We track whenever our artists’ music is used on YouTube, and pay the content owner.

Friendly Music: We add our artist’s music to FriendlyMusic.com, our own site that video creators can use to easily add licenseable music to their projects.
Whenever they do, artists get paid for the license, and for any ad revenue generated when those videos are uploaded to networks like YouTube.

Viewership: More eyes on videos equals more money for the artist. We help artists understand what is successful so they can get more views and earn more.

Data optimization: Clean data earns more. We make sure tracks are uploaded correctly and optimize the data for premium monetization.

Descriptive search: We do manual and programmatic search to find any videos that YouTube’s system cannot identify.

Content ID